Formula SAE Outreach Program


The Formula SAE outreach program strives to meet two main objectives; first, teach young people about the importance of engineering in today’s society and second, inspire young people to become interested in the exhilarating field of engineering. It is extremely common for young students to feel that the subjects they are taught in school are irrelevant to the real world. But it is the goal of the FSAE outreach program to show students through practical demonstrations and presentations of the FSAE car that what they learn in school can be applied to the real world.

Our program does not focus on a particular group of young people (i.e. high school students interested in math and science), rather, we try to present to all ages and all interest groups. We believe that students can be inspired to pursue a career like engineering at any age. As well, we believe that even if students are not particularly interested in the math and science part of engineering, they still will benefit from being informed about the all encompassing field of engineering since it is such a large part of everyday life.