Engineering Science Quest


The University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports team hosted an event in conjunction with Engineering Science Quest. Team members mentored grade five and six students as they engineered balloon powered cars. Through this design experience, participants faced challenges similar to those encountered building an FSAE car. After much experimentation and testing, the kids put their creations to the test with a race.  We then got the chance to show off our creation: the 2013 UW Formula Motorsports car.

The University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports team would like to thank the Ontario section of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for kindly providing the jet toy car kits.  Without their support, this event wouldn't have been possible. For more information about the Society of Automotive Engineers, you can visit their website here

Engineering Science Quest is a summer day camp hosted by the University of Waterloo for children in grade 1 through 9. For more information about ESQ, you can visit their website here.


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