UW Formula Motorsports at the 2011 Canadian Motorsports Expo


 For the first time in the history of our team, UW Formula Motorsports was a part of the annual Canadian Motorpsorts Expo.  During January 21 to 23 at the International Centre in Mississauga, thousands of visitors saw our 2010 vehicle on display among NASCAR vehicles, touring cars, drag racers, and other race cars representing the full spectrum of motorsports.

Since we were the only Formula SAE entry at the Expo this year, many visitors were pleasantly surprised by our team and the things we do.  Needless to say, our team members had a very busy three days answering the questions of many curious spectators.  At the same time, our team thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the other exhibitors and the race cars they they brought to the show.  As many race fans would know, there are many different kinds of motorsports and it was inspiring to see all the different race cars purpose built for the kind of racing they partake in. 

As a team, we were very excited to take part in an show solely focused on motorsports, and we’re definitely looking forward to being there again next year!


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