A week of testing


With the gorgeous sunny weather and both competitions completed, summer marks an important time in our race season: testing. We had the opportunity to take our car to the Waterloo Region Emergency Services Training and Research Complex, and put it in a low speed wind tunnel. We were able to validate the CFD model of our car and do flow visualization to better understand the behaviour of our aerodynamics package.

In addition, this weekend marked two days of driver training. We have an exciting new track layout with a high speed component to make use of our aerodynamics package. We ran two and a half endurance sessions worth of testing, and are now keenly aware of our cars reliability shortcomings. We have a lot to fix, but with any luck, we won't need to fix it next year.

Next week will be a busy one as we get the car ready for another round of testing. Interested in joining the team? Come by our bay (E5-1009) or to one of our weekly meetings. 

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