YouTube channel revival


The University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports team is pleased to reintroduce the team YouTube channel. The last video uploaded was in 2010 and has not seen much usage since. Competition videos from Formula North 2013 have been uploaded and are available for your viewing pleasure. We will be uploading videos archived from past seasons as well. Videos can be found through our YouTube alias, UWFormulaStudent

Here is a sneak peak at what you can expect to find on our newly revived YouTube channel.


Interested in joining the team? Watch out for our September recruitment meeting. Regular meetings will resume in the new school term.


Cainllg all cars, calling all cars, we're ready to make a deal.
Honestly, I didn't consider the wtaheer that hot. We've had a lot hotter weeks in Ontario than we had this year. But I would consider the summer to be long. The warm wtaheer stretched for many more weeks than we usually have. Haven't seen the like of it since something like 1993 or so. It was great!
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This has made my day. I wish all postnigs were this good.
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