Latest Updates

Mechanical Engineering 4th Year Design Symposium

Last Wednesday, the team had its first opportunity to display the progress made on the 2014 car to date at the first annual 4th year design project symposium for Mechanical Engineering at Waterloo. This year the team fielded four project groups including Powertrain, Suspension and Ergonomics, Structural Composites, and Aerodynamics. While presenting the results of the design projects, the teams had the chance to talk to public visitors, some of our alumni, and engineering judges. Thanks to everyone for coming out to see our projects!

Build Updates

With a rolling chassis deadline looming on the horizon, we have seen a lot of activity over the past few weeks. Our chassis build is moving along steadily, in large part thanks to our fantastic engineering co-ops. Thanks guys! We are nearly ready for powder coating, and plan to hit that deadline within the next week.


Simulation of engineering designs has become crucial in Formula SAE and the field of engineering in recent years. Simulation tools allow our team to create cost effective digital prototypes of our car, which allow us to avoid making real world design errors. This is critical to our performance in all competition events, and to our overall understanding of the car.


The Formula Motorsports team is pleased to announce our competition schedule for the 2014 season. We have successfully registered in Formula SAE Michigan and Formula North; however, this year's season includes the addition of Formula SAE Lincoln to our competition lineup. Attendance at Lincoln will be a first for the team, but we are confident that both the team and the car will succeed at competition.

Fire Incident

On Sunday September 29th, the team was doing routine testing with our 2013 car. Around 2:30 PM, the car showed signs of engine trouble and the track team signalled the driver to stop. Upon stopping, the car caught fire and the driver quickly got out. This emergency egress procedure is practised with every driver. The team used their fire extinguishers to put out the fire. However, the car was hot enough that it reignited. The team then withdrew and called Waterloo Emergency Services. While maintaining a safe distance, the team members controlled the parking lot exits to ensure clear access for first responders and safety for others. None of those involved in the situation were injured, and the Waterloo Fire Department was able to extinguish the blaze upon arrival.


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