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After a long hiatus of providing regular updates on our website, we return with news. I want to take this time to assure you that we have not been inactive during these past few months (since my last post on the website). We have been busy with our build and it is progressing along swimmingly. Stay tuned for pictures as the car becomes more and more complete.

New Hardware - Computer

The UW Formula Motorsports team has just taken delivery of their new hardware. A new computer to be used in our team bay (E5-1009) for CAD, FEA and CFD simulations and Youtube...

The old computer was getting really slow (and could not properly render any CAD other than NX5) so we decided to upgrade to something with a little more oomph. A dedicated workstation graphics card, new Intel processor, and new monitor will have our team back up to full design capacity quickly.

UWFM @ KW Oktoberfest

Yesterday the team braved the cold, rain and wind and brought the car to the annual K-W Oktoberfest car show. There were around two dozen other cars in attendance for the show despite the weather. Many thanks to everyone who came and talked with us or asked us questions about the F2010.5 racecar throughout the day.

Representing our school, our racecar and most importantly our sponsors is one way the team continues to give back to those who enable us to build a world-class racecar.

Finally, many thanks to the organizers of the K-W Oktoberfest Car Show.

Formula North 2012 - Team #026

Formula North Logo

The UW Formula Motorsports team will also be attending the Formula North competition at Barrie, Ontario, Canada on May 24-27, 2012. We will be attending the event as Team # 26.

Please visit for more information about the competition itself.
This is the second competition in May which the team will be attending. It is going to be a busy and exciting month.

Registered, Team #036

UW Formula Motorsports has successfully registered for the 2012 Formula SAE Michigan competition. We are team #036. We look forward to seeing everyone May 9-12 next year.

Our story continues. Please stay tuned as the most exciting year in the history of Formula Motorsports develops.


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